Printing for Auckland Businesses

Printing for Auckland businesses has never been better…

So where do many of the Auckland small to medium sized businesses go to get their business cards, flyers, brochures or promotional printed material? Although copy shops can cater for some of the short-run or same day rush jobs, no-one can beat the quality or thickness of TPH business cards, flyers and brochures.  We have a wide range of customers that order all their print from us online while others deal with our network of graphic designers and print brokers that are spread all over Auckland, from the top in Albany through to Takapuna, Henderson, Auckland Central thru to Kohimarama and down as far as Manurewa and Papakura.


Schnips PHD is one such Auckland based company. With hairsalons positioned through out the Auckland market, Schnips ensure they maintain a world class professional image right from investing in stylist training and store image through to their winning hair designs which they advertise each season on the front of their business cards. They order our matt laminated business cards which showcase the design extremely well. By branding business cards, vouchers, appointment cards and referral cards, Schnips sends a clear message that they are serious about their brand.

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NZ Rock Shop and Jims Test and Tag are other examples of companies with multiple branches based in Auckland and throughout NZ that make sure their printed brochures, flyers and business cards distributed in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand is communicating their brand effectively.


Midtown Physiotherapy are a great business in the heart of downtown Auckland that have just recently upgraded their business cards with our uncoated range and letterheads with


The Product House offers these businesses in Auckland (and many more) some of the best rates on printing in New Zealand.

NZ’s thickest, chunkiest high quality 420gsm business cards start from only $99 + gst for x500


Professional Full Colour Letterheads retail from only $240 + gst for 500 and $264 + gst for 1000


High impact brochures and flyers are from only $199 + gst for x250 in a range of sizes and finishes


…and many, many more product options available on



Targeting your clients with mail.

Five ‘Need To Know’ Statistics About Direct Mail…

“It’s all about content marketing… yet while everyone is engaged in content on the web, the fact is that direct mail marketing is still one of the most powerful tools—secrets—available,” says James Ravetti, regarding direct mail.

Some mind-boggling statistics about direct mail include:

1. 18- to 34-year-olds prefer direct mail. When we think about young adults, it’s easy to think of a generation that’s enamored with the internet and all-things-digital. The reality is, however, that this age group actually prefers learning about products and services via direct mail. According to Forbes, direct mail is still alive and kicking and young adults are some of the best targets for lead conversion.

2. Most marketers don’t know how to engage in direct mail campaign. With so much focus on digital advertising, most marketers mistakenly believe that direct mail is a waste of time. And even if marketers acknowledge its power, they don’t have the experience to effectively engage in a campaign. So what does this mean? The result is that there isn’t much competition in direct mail. Depending on your industry, it’s most likely that your competitors are focusing strictly on lead conversion online or through other traditional methods while ignoring direct mail.

3. ROI is highest for direct mail campaigns. According to a recent study published by Target Marketing Magazine, the highest scoring form of marketing for B2C and B2B marketers was direct mail. It boasted a higher ROI and contact retention than social media marketing. Albeit, social media is still an evolving platform, but the power of direct mail cannot be denied.

4. Response rates can reach as high as 6.5 percent. On average direct mail naturally has an incredible response rate of 2 percent. However, this lead conversion statistic can be drastically improved through personal mailing or color print campaigns. If direct mail is optimized, response rates typically average around 6.5 percent. Compare this to an average of 0.12 percent for email.

5. Direct mail composes 52.7 percent of the national marketing budget. Collectively, marketers in every industry spent 52.7 percent of the annual marketing expenditure on direct mail. This means that despite the prevalence of social media, certain industries such as the automobile industry still rely on direct mail for lead conversion. However, it also means that direct mail is one of the most expensive forms of marketing. Businesses should carefully strategize their direct mail campaign to optimize their lead conversion and achieve the most bang for their buck.
While content marketing has gained prevalence online, it’s crucial to remember that content isn’t limited to the online world. With the clear benefits that direct mail has to offer and the fact that many businesses are ignoring it, what’s holding you back?

Excerpt from post by James Ravetti. See the full article at

Deluxe sandwiches become a 'Serious' business.

A ‘Serious’ Start-up Success Story

Mischa Bolton shows how having an excellent product and the use of strong promotional collateral can be a ‘serious success’!

On 22nd Feb 2011, many Cantabrians had their lives turned upside down. Mischa Bolton was one of those people. With his part-time chef position suddenly redundant, he had to quickly revise plans. He looked at setting up a restaurant – but with suitable property now a scarce commodity, Mischa had to explore other options.

Mischa had always liked the idea of opening up a gourmet sandwich shop. both timing and an opportune location, convinced him to give it a go, and the serious sandwich was opened at The Colombo in late 2011.

With a menu of only 7 sandwiches and a salad option, Mischa was able to keep his branding and advertising very focused. Promotions have included loyalty cards, full colour dle flyers with pictures of the mouth- watering sandwiches, some special deals on Treat-Me and a full colour picture menu.

“The photos and imagery in full colour are really important for us. We try to keep everything black and white when it comes to branding, so having great-looking glossy photos of the sandwiches helps communicate what we’re about.” In the last 12 months, Mischa has also launched a food truck version and pop-up store as part of the serious sandwich suite of stores.

“We’re simply building on the brand and promotional material that we already use and extending the method of food and service delivery. We have regular clients that come back each week. one guy who regularly flys into Christchurch on business, makes serious sandwich one of his priorities – every time he’s in town.”

Franchising won’t be too far away, and with an excellent product, good branding and strong promotional collateral, we can expect to see more serious sandwiches in New Zealand – and abroad.