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Using print to promote your colours…

When you’re at your local hardware store – have a look for the BRIWAX products. They’re the ones you would use to colour or stain wood or use to restore and touch up your antique or rimu furniture after the puppy that you really wanted for Christmas, and finally got, has chewed three out of the four legs.

Briwax is a name that has been around for over 150 years in the UK, supplying formulations to the industry to help improve and protect floors and furniture.  It’s used on all kinds of wood, from Windsor Castle to the latest New Zealand superyachts.

With all that experience they have a great name for restoration products. has been producing their stickers, labels and product hangers for nearly 14 years. Charles Steadman, Managing Director for Briwax NZ, says “When we launched our product range in to the New Zealand market, we needed to ensure all labelling met NZ requirements. As part of our move, we looked for a local NZ Printer that could produce our labels and promotional material. We have been dealing with The Production House for sometime now and have been pleased with the product.” So, the next time you’re looking to revive or protect your furniture or floors – make sure to look up Briwax: The Professional’s Choice.