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Printing A4 Brochures Online in NZ & Getting the Best Deal…

Brochure Printing in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – NZ and how to find the best deal. Finding the best offer on printing brochures from online brochure print companies in AKL, WGTN, CHCH & New Zealand can be very time-consuming. You want to know that you’re getting the best value for money – with a great finish and feel without breaking the bank. You also want to know that your brochure design suits the stock you have your brochure printed on and with a lot of companies printing brochures in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington as well as throughout NZ, sometimes the best deal is not right on your doorstep. We also see many companies try to sell people thousands of printed brochures (that they will probably never get through) when you may only need a few hundred brochures to promote to you customer base. And then there’s the question of which size is best? A3, A4, A5, A4 folded to DLE, A4 folded to A5, or maybe a simple DL flyer or rackcard may be more economical?

At | NZ’s leading online print store we make sure that there are brochure options that will suit almost every business (and their wallet).

First and foremost we have free brochure templates available for you (or your brochure designer) to download from our site and then drop your artwork on to. These are found at;

Using our templates will help ensure that your design fits the print area and allows you to see where the brochure will get folded (if you’re getting folds).

Here’s some tips to follow when choosing what look , feel and pricetag you are wanting when printing promotional brochures or corporate brochures for your business. These tips are primarily for A4 printed brochures folded to DL.

1. If you’re wanting a brochure that has a reasonable weight and durability, then anything around 150gsm is usually best. Art stocks that are under 135gsm will normally have show-through issues. This is when the image from the other side “shows through and makes it harder to read text or see images as clearly. This is especially noticeable when you are outside or in extremely well lit areas.

2. Cost of your brochures will be dependant on the weight of the stock used. That is why many of the pizza circulars you see come thru the letter box are extremely light weight – to keep the cost down – and they’re designed as a throw-away item. At TPH we have a range of brochures that are printed on 130 – 170gsm stock at extremely good rates. This means you get a quality printed brochure for less.

3. If you’re wanting to have you brochures folded down to a smaller size – then it’s best to not go over 150gsm in weight. Any stocks over 150gsm will normally require creasing before folding which can incur additional setup charges or even an additional process for some printers. Be aware that some 150gsm stocks can be thicker than others (eg. straight offset stocks are thicker than art stock) and may crack along the fold edge. This becomes very obvious where there is solid colour along the edge of the fold.

4. If cost is a factor for you, then consider simplifying your brochure down to fit on 2 sides of a DL (one third of an A4). That way you can get 3 times the number of flyers or brochures that you would if it was all on one A4.

5. If you’re planning on having your brochure stand up in racks or brochure holders, remember that gravity will be at work, and if your stock is too thin – it’s likely that your brochure will begin to bend / curl. A4 brochures folded to DL are usually fine when printed on 130gsm+ stock. If you’re only printing a single DL brochure/flyer (usually called a rackcard), we suggest you make sure the stock weight is around 300gsm.

6. Some brochures or single sided rackcards look great when they are laminated – however, if they are placed in the sun – you may find they begin to curl over, even when printed on heavier stock.

7. At TPH our brochure printing happens in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland (and even offshore) depending on the needs of the client, the quantities or processes requested, and the timeframe.

For some of the best rates on Brochure Printing online in NZ make sure you visit;

You can also check out how brochures are actually produced by watching a quick video on how a brochure gets ordered, printed, folded and packed.

- more to follow…

Presentation Folders

Printing A4 & A5 CUSTOM PRESENTATION FOLDERS Online for NZ Businesses

It has to be said that custom Presentation Folders (with a business card) makes a company, as clothes makes a man (or woman). That said, some will no doubt argue that neither applies (clothes or presentation folders), but in both cases the 3 second impression rule applies – and that impression can be difficult to reverse.

So, why would you consider printing custom presentation folders?

In my experience, If you’re dealing B2B or B2C and you’re wanting to give additional information to prospective clients then a corporate presentation folder will be what separates you from your competitors. Yes, it makes sense to have the material on a website but at an expo, conference or meeting proposal, you’re going to have some information that you want them to physically touch – we have 5 senses, and research has shown that engaging as many of those senses (in a positive manner) will lead to a higher retention rate.

Custom presentation folders including online offerings come in various sizes and shapes. We have various presentation folder design templates that you can chose from, as well as A4 & A5 blank presentation folders for NZ businesses. At the end of the day, you want something that transports well and shows off the company in a fitting manner. Tatty paper tells me you’re an ‘at home’ business or you just son’t value your product or service – and at the same time cheap presentation folders for NZ companies will not help either.

Do Custom Presentation Folders need to have Business Card slots?

Presentation Folders do not need to be expensive, in fact, some of our cheap presentation folder options are ideal for certain businesses, but they all need to communicate a clean and professional image… and they do need to have a slot to hold your business card. Even in today’s smartphone society, many people still use business cards as a tactile way of handing out their details. The great thing about some of the TPH Presentation Folders is that we offer both landscape and portrait slot options for holding a business card. This way your details are up the normal way regardless of the style of your business card. Thankfully we are one of NZ’s leading suppliers of printed Business Cards to New Zealand companies.

I remember a  time (not that long ago) when people thought mini cd’s or USB’s were the way to give out information. The novelty of the mini CD lasted for all of 30 secs – until you realised that they could have had all this info on a website and a cool business card with the link would have been quicker! Both the CD or USB  were expensive ($5-$15) per unit depending on the data loaded and – in all honesty – if the USB was not branded with your contact details – the info contained on the USB would normally be deleted or reformatted so that you had a clean USB for yourself. Thank you company (who was it again?) for the USB.

Where to use printed Custom Presentation Folders?

It’s interesting to note that Presentation Folders in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (the main centres ) appear to be more common per head of population than the smaller towns / communities, especially the further South you go. I guess that’s because you’re more likely to do business with the person because you know them or know of their reputation (small town – ‘Cheers’ philosophy – where everyone knows your name) than in the larger main centres where decisions are made primarily on knowledge of the product or service, and less on the person that is doing the selling.

If you’re presenting or showing at a conference, trade show, workshop, seminar or expo then you will ideally be handing out key material in a branded presentation folder to hot prospects. Not just anyone – but those that you have qualified as being interested and looking at making a decision within a specified time. For those that are not hot prospects, then a business card or simple brochure will do. At TPH we send courier out sample packs of our work within a TPH full colour printed presentation folder. Folders keep the contents together and keeps our samples looking fresh and new for when clients want to see our print work (if you’ve ever couriered anything you’ll know they don’t use white gloves and cotton wool to handle your packages!)

What type of Presentation Folder found Online is Best?

One white presentation folder style doesn’t fit all – so for this reason we have a number of options that cater for various needs.

If you’re only needing 50 – 250 folders then our digital custom presentation folder range is cheaper (and best value for short runs) with a reasonably quick 3-5 working day turnaround. You can order these at

Our standard and most popular style is the single pocket, self assemble presentation folder. Printed Full Colour on one or both sides with the option of laminating is ideal for runs of 500 – 1000 printed folders. These are available at

Check out the video on how simple it is to assemble our presentation folders.

A5 Presentation Folders NZ are also a popular option, and more compact for taking with you to give out at expos, conferences etc. You can purchase blank presentation folders nz, white presentation folders nz and custom printed presentation folders that are already pre-assembled or use a glued pocket. This is ideal if you are short on time and do not want to be folding them up yourself. The downside, however, is that storage of assembled presentation folders can take up to 5 times the storage space needed just for folders supplied flat and unassembled. SO if you’re short on space, unassembled folders are best from a space and cost saving point of view.

Depending on how much material you’re wanting to hold in the presentation folder will depend on whether you require;

1. Single pocket – ideal for up to 12 sheets of 80gsm copy paper

2. Single pocket with gutter pocket and spine – depends on the depth of your pocket gutter. As a general rule, a 3mm pocket can fit 25 sheets of A4 80gsm.

3. Double pocket - ideal for up to 24 sheets of 80gsm copy paper

4. Double pocket with gutter pockets and spine – see point 2 and then double it.

Size wise, we have a variety of styles and sizes to fit A4 or A5 material. Need templates or ideas,  simply contact one of the team on 0800 533 677 or email

For a full range of quality Custom Presentation Folders in NZ visit;



Which Business Card is right for your NZ business?

When people are wanting business cards, the choice of business cards available (and who to get them from) can be quite daunting. Which business card is right for my business? What is the right sort of stock? Why does the cost seem to vary so much? What about these cheap business cards online that I see advertised? Should I have printed information on the back of the card? Is it worth paying a little bit extra to get my business cards laminated?

Having been involved with providing business cards throughout New Zealand for nearly twenty years, I’ve written down some suggestions which I hope will help with the decision making process. Searching NZ Business Cards will reveal a range of suppliers of business cards around NZ. Whether you’re looking for “business cards online”, “business cards nz” or even locally with “business cards auckland” etc. the list of printers will be long and varied.

Some companies will only supply digital business cards. These are fine for short runs of up to 500 and usually relatively quick to turnaround. The downside includes the limitation of stock thickness and whether you’re wanting extras such as foiled or embossed cards. Because digital print can move slightly from sheet to sheet – it is a lot harder to get a foil, diecut or emboss finish in the exact place each time on a digital card.

Other companies will offer business cards that are printed using commercial offset presses. This will normally allow a far wider and thicker range stock to go through the machine, resulting in a heavier, solid card on a variety of stocks that won’t dog-ear in your pocket or wallet as easily. But at the same time it does mean that you’ve had to wait a few days longer than the digital option and you’re likely to pay more for these cards, especially if they are being printed on their own (ie. not in conjunction with any other business cards). These cards are more suited to extra finishes such as foil or embossing and will more likely result in a higher quality premium finish. Ideal for those specialty stock runs where you are not limited to the stock weight or texture of the board, in comparison to digital work. Also best for companies that have specific Pantone colours that they wish to stick with.

A third option will be companies that offer “gang printing” or “group printed” business cards. Although these companies may not say that their cards are printed together with other  print runs, they can often result in a high quality offset print run, turned around in 2-3 days and at less than half the cost of a standard commercial offset business card. Cards will normally be limited to a choice of 2-3 specific stocks with the option of uncoated, matt or gloss laminate (either on one or both sides). These cards will be printed using a CMYK process and are not designed to be Pantone Colour accurate. These cards will not normally allow for additional finishes either…

…unless you’re using The Production House.

At we offer all three options for printing business cards. In fact, we probably have the largest range of business card on offer in NZ. Whats-more, we have additional options of spot silver, foil, embossing die-cutting and hole drilling as part of our group printed product range. So whether you’re wanting a thick and chunky business card for under $100, or you’re needing some quick business cards, or you want a top end look and feel with the extras, I would suggest checking out what has to offer.

And here’s a few additional points to consider…

• If you write estimates or notes on the back of your business card then look at getting a card that is laminated only on the front.

• If you have a bright colourful image on the front, then a gloss laminated business card will make the colours more bold and punchy – whereas a matt laminate will soften the colours and look of the image.

• If you’re a builder, truckie or someone who usually has dirt on your hands, then a double sided laminated card is probably best for you. This way any fingerprint marks will be easily wiped off – where a single sided laminated card will hold the finger prints… and a dbl sided laminated card is also stronger and less likely to dog-ear.

• A touch of foil or a simple rounded corner will make your card a lot more attractive and memorable, especially if you’re in the design or higher end market.

A free sample swatch of all the core business cards (including one mentioned above) can be requested from -

There is also a range of online printing templates for you to simply drop your design on to.

So the next time you’re searching online for NZ printers or NZ printing companies, make sure you check out what sort of printer they are and whether their print options are limited or they can offer you an adequate range of printing options.

Article by Nigel Matthews.



TPH prints stickers and labels for businesses throughout NZ.

Stickers and Labels NZ

When we’re printing labels / stickers for NZ businesses we like to make sure we understand our clients sticker needs and what they plan to do with the stickers – or rather where and how they will be stuck. Not all labels are created equal, so differing sticker or label stocks will suit specific situations.

Did you know… many New Zealand sticker or label stocks take 24 hours to fully cure. So, for example, if you were wanting to put a label on a shiny plastic bag (ie. a flexible surface) – it will be better to have the bag sit flat for 24 hours after applying the sticker (or use an industrial adhesive) to quicken the adhesion, so that the label doesn’t simply lift away as the bag is  used.

You can find a number of our sticker or label products here;

Stickers or labels come in different styles / finishes and with different adhesives. Here’s just a few of the sticker terms and types of labels that a client might need and what results they will achieve.

Permanent Labels.  These can be either paper or synthetic based. The ‘permanent’ refers to the standard permanent adhesive we use. Permanent labels can usually be repositioned within a few minutes but the longer you leave it (and if they are paper based) then the harder it is to remove them from the applied surface. These stickers will usually fully cure with 24 hours. Paper labels will then normally shred if any attempt is made to remove them.

If you are looking for a sticker in New Zealand that can be removed then we recommend either ‘removable’ label stock or running with a permanent adhesive on a vinyl / synthetic stock. Synthetic stocks will be a little more forgiving and be able to be removed while not destroying the sticker.

Removeable Labels. This stock will continue to remain removeable in most situations, however they can end up peeling off without assistance depending on the surface they are applied to.

Freezer Grade Stickers. This label stock is designed specifically for cold, damp environments and is a slightly stronger adhesive.

Splitback (or crack-back) Stickers. This refers to the backing of the label stock having cuts (usually several) spaced evenly apart (at approx. 50mm intervals), on the back of the sticker sheet. This allows for easy peeling by cracking the back along the split and then peeling the one side before peeling the other.

Solidback Stickers. There are no splits on the back. We use this stock where the client requires a single split on the front of the label stock (usually along one edge of the artwork with a tab) to make peeling easier.

Synthetic Labels. Ideal for outdoors, this type of stock usually comes with a stronger permanent adhesive and is waterproof. We have a synthetic stock that we can print onto digitally, allowing short-run orders and very quick turnarounds.

Pre-kisscut Stickers. These are usually A4 sheets of label stock that have been pre-cut (only on the front – not the backing stock) for a specific size. We hold a variety of square, rectangle and circle sizes which we can print digitally, allowing for quick, short print runs.

If you have any questions on what type of label or sticker will best suit your needs, please feel free to contact one of our team on 0800 533 677 or visit;