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At The Production House we are proud to showcase how we helped our customers produce print with punch to help them stand out in the crowd!



It is that time of the year again. Spring is rolling around, and in New Zealand that means you better start getting organised for the upcoming summer sports season. Whether you are organising your work social touch rugby tops or are a club captain and in need of drink bottles for every team, we’re here to help get you sorted for this season.

We’re particularly proud to introduce two of our newest quality products. The Calypso Drink Bottle and Unisex Proform Polo which will both have your team looking sharp on the sidelines. The Calypso Drink Bottle is a Recyclable BPA free 600ml water bottle that features the patented X-Stream non drip self sealing lid. It comes in a huge range of colours to suit your corporate look or your favourite colours. We can brand it with your logo or team name. The Unisex Proform Polo is quick drying so makes for a great sports wear top, both on the field and at the after-match. Ask us about numbering or putting your teams name / logo on it to give a more uniformed look.

Both of these items are on special for the month of September, so get in quick to secure these sharp prices. View our Sale Items here.

Two other options for your corporate team or sports club are the ever reliable Action Man Sipper Bottle and our Basic Coloured Unisexed T-Shirts, both are able to be customised for your needs. Also ask us about Sports Team Singlets, Corporate Golf Umbrellas, Sports Club Pens, Sports Club Magnets, Sports Club Hats and any other sports club printing needs. We have a huge catalogue (not shown online at for you to browse here, and then we can assist you with ordering, artwork and printing from there.

Feel free to freephone our team at 0800 533 677 to discuss your sports team needs, and help us get you sorted for the upcoming kiwi summer!

paper microscope

The 50 Cent Punch-out paper Microscope!

If you’re not followers of TEDtalks, then you should be. This article really shows the ability that a little design ingenuity can make, with paper.

Perhaps you’ve punched out a paper doll, folded an origami swan, or maybe you received one of The Production House’s die-cut “Captain Print push-out Competition Cards”? TED Fellow Manu Prakash and his team have created a microscope made of paper (yes, you heard correctly, paper!) that’s just as easy to fold and use. A sparkling demo that shows how this invention could revolutionize healthcare in developing countries … and turn almost anything into a fun, hands-on science experiment.

Makes you start to wonder what device you could design that would help you do your job, or impact your sphere of influence.



Surprise Customers with a Pop-Up Card

Here’s a great idea that was spotted overseas. We create a die-cut effect that gives your business card the 3D pop-out effect. It has been mentioned that “Pop-up pieces become points of conversation in their own right and get people involved in your product or service right away. You can pop-up a person, as seen here, so that they become a self-standing card, or you can pop up any object.” Other examples could include, real estate agents that might want the “FOR SALE” sign in the yard on the postcard image to pop-up or fitness clinics may want to say “We’ll have you up and running”. Let us know your own ideas.


Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

The secret to simple and elegant business cards


Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

One of the most important roles of a business card is to catch your customers attention and ensure that they hang on to your card. A key way to engage that emotional attachment to your card is through a mixture of good design and using speciality print effects such as foiling, which we are going to briefly touch on.

Foiling is extremely effective on logos or accents surrounding logos, borders and elegant/decorative graphics on your business card. We recently produced these wonderful cards for Cloud Nine Creative which show just how effective foiling as well as custom diecutting can be.

To produce their business cards, firstly the colours is printed on the paper. Then using the foil die shown below, silver foil is placed between the printed job and the foil die and heated. The heat releases the colouring layer from the foil and binds it to the card. The cards are then diecut using their custom dieline shown top right above.

The final result is a simple and elegant business card. To find out how we can help you achieve a business card that is both memorable and ensures that your customers will keep, just simply get in touch with one of our knowledgeable print experts here at The Production House. You can also check out our range of speciality business cards.