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As of October 1, 2015 we will be making changes to pricing for some of our pre-flight and file handling charges. This will not effect a majority of our trade customers but we feel it’s important to highlight it to all of our valued customers and have it on our website for all to see.

We like to look at this as your insurance policy in some ways. It will give you a guideline of possible ways to cut your own costs, if you are confident your files are in print ready condition. Also it gives you a clear reference of what will be charged when choosing any pre-flight / file handling option.

During the 2nd phase of the order process where you upload your file, there is a 3rd step that requests what kind of file check you would like. These are the options below and the changes that will be made October 1, 2015.


No check necessary. I’m using an existing file or I’ve supplied a .pdf file as per the File Checklist. Any setup errors I acknowledge are my responsibility
(currently Free of Charge and will remain Free of Charge)

The small print….
Where a file has not been supplied to our specs, and we catch it, we reserve the right to, at our own discretion, either:
i) Where possible fix the file and proceed with production. A minimum $35.00 service fee applies.
ii) Delete the file from production and request a new file to be supplied. A minimum $15.00 new file service fee applies.

Where we do not catch a file supplied incorrectly, and it goes through production, the client is still responsible for any errors and full payment of production will be required.

Should you have any concerns, we recommend having your files “preflight”.
Your job may be EITHER ‘Auto approved’, requiring no proof, OR an email proof sent out for you to double check.


Yes, please check my .pdf file – but email me if something’s wrong and I will fix it and re-upload
(currently $8.50 will increase to $15.00)

The small print….
For this we will check the following during the preflight process:

Correct page size setup
Keyline on artwork
Correct bleed setup
Colours and images are CMYK (for 4 colour print) or spot (for specials)
For any unsafe text/print areas

Note: We do not check for incorrect spelling, typography errors or wrong numbers, or anything else over & above this list. This is the client’s/designers responsibility. If you have selected ‘auto’ approval – and if the preflight check is error free, your file will be automatically actioned for production. If any error is detected we will advise you of the fixes required, for you to upload a new file. *Please note: Files containing multiple pages (ie books, magazines etc.) will take longer, and therefore incur an additional cost, which we will advise prior to preflight. Files must be supplied as a pdf on one of our templates and setup ready for print to our specs.


Yes, please check my .pdf file, and if possible, fix it for me
(currently $14.95 will increase to $23.00)

The small print….
NO ‘FIX’ CHARGES APPLY if the file is supplied correctly – You will ONLY be charged for the ‘Preflight’ * Please note: Files containing multiple pages (ie books, magazines etc.) will take longer, and therefore incur an additional cost, which we will advise prior to fixing.

Preflight + Fix $23.00 service fee applies per file* IDEAL FOR NEW CLIENTS WITH PREDESIGNED FILES. Same as the Preflight Upload, except if an error is detected during ‘Preflight’, we will simply fix the error and send out a proof for you to check.
Files must be supplied as a pdf on one of our templates and setup ready for print to our specs.


Yes. I am supplying another type of file (not a .pdf) so please make it ready for printing
(currently $19.95 will increase to $30.00)

The small print….
Please note: Due to the wide scope of file formats available, some files supplied may require additional work to get them print ready. We will advise you if this is the case, and any extra cost associated, prior to work commencing.

We will set up the following:

Correct page size setup
Keyline on artwork
Correct bleed setup
Colours and images are CMYK (for 4 colour print) or spot (for specials)
For any unsafe text/print areas.

Note: We do not check for incorrect spelling, typography errors or wrong numbers, or anything else over & above this list. This is the client’s/designers responsibility. * Please note: Files containing multiple pages (ie books, magazines etc.) will take longer, and therefore incur an additional cost, which we will advise prior to preflight.
Any File $30.00 service fee applies per file* IDEAL FOR CLIENTS WHO PREFER US TO JUST MAKE IT WORK! Supply virtually any file. We will get it set up ready to print, and send you a proof to double check, or contact you, in the unlikely event, that we’re unable to make it print ready.*


We hope that the above has been communicated clearly for you. We’ve based the above pricing to reflect our standard $90 per hour artwork/design charge, and believe it is a far representation of the industry standard for these services. 
Of course if you’d like some more clarification feel free to pick up the phone and freephone 0800 533 677. We’ll be happy to guide you towards the best and most cost effective pre-flight option for your jobs. As always our goal is to get your jobs produced to the highest quality while making it easy for you and your customers.

The team at TPH.



It is that time of the year again. Spring is rolling around, and in New Zealand that means you better start getting organised for the upcoming summer sports season. Whether you are organising your work social touch rugby tops or are a club captain and in need of drink bottles for every team, we’re here to help get you sorted for this season.

We’re particularly proud to introduce two of our newest quality products. The Calypso Drink Bottle and Unisex Proform Polo which will both have your team looking sharp on the sidelines. The Calypso Drink Bottle is a Recyclable BPA free 600ml water bottle that features the patented X-Stream non drip self sealing lid. It comes in a huge range of colours to suit your corporate look or your favourite colours. We can brand it with your logo or team name. The Unisex Proform Polo is quick drying so makes for a great sports wear top, both on the field and at the after-match. Ask us about numbering or putting your teams name / logo on it to give a more uniformed look.

Both of these items are on special for the month of September, so get in quick to secure these sharp prices. View our Sale Items here.

Two other options for your corporate team or sports club are the ever reliable Action Man Sipper Bottle and our Basic Coloured Unisexed T-Shirts, both are able to be customised for your needs. Also ask us about Sports Team Singlets, Corporate Golf Umbrellas, Sports Club Pens, Sports Club Magnets, Sports Club Hats and any other sports club printing needs. We have a huge catalogue (not shown online at for you to browse here, and then we can assist you with ordering, artwork and printing from there.

Feel free to freephone our team at 0800 533 677 to discuss your sports team needs, and help us get you sorted for the upcoming kiwi summer!

Digital Printing


This month we are putting the spotlight on digital printing. Within the last few years, technical advancements in digital printing has seen the quality and control of digitally printed jobs stand toe to toe with the traditional offset printed projects.

In the past when choosing to digitally print your project as apposed to offset print, you would be controlled by limitations such as paper stocks and thickness, quality on the printed image, cost, size of the worksheet and the inability to apply finishing processes to the printed piece. All of these, and more, are now diminished with today’s digital print technology.

Of course there are benefits limitations to both print processes, and thankfully our knowledgeable staff at TPH can help guide you to which best suits your needs. For example, for high volume jobs offset printing will make your unit cost more effective. The larger sheet sizes allow us to ‘gang’ up many jobs, but this is nothing new really. At a later date we will walk you through more benefits of offset printing. For now however, we’d like to put a spotlight on digital print and its benefits. It may give you more of an insight into digital printing and help guide you which process is best for your next job.

Short turnaround times
The digital print process has an extremely quick setup time. Jobs can be approved and printing in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to offset printing which takes time to imposed jobs, produce printing plates and allow for the printing press setup time. It is the answer for urgent projects with short turnaround times.

New Increased Sheet Size
Recent advances in technology allow us to now print on an oversized sheet measuring 330mm x 660mm. This allows us to now digitally print A4 landscape covers, 3 panel A4 portrait brochures and short run presentation folders, to name a few. What would have previously been forced to be offset printed can now be affordably done in low quantities, with the same high quality finish.

Personalised Printing
Variable Data Printing is a form of customisable digital printing. Customised marketing collateral is now easily achievable and often now expected to achieve results. Using information from a database, text and graphics can be changed on each piece without stopping or slowing down the digital press.

Cheaper Low Volume Printing
Digital printing provides lower per unit costs for small print runs. Minimal setup and run costs allow for this.

Envelope Printing
Digitally printed envelopes are now achievable. Perfect for weddings, corporate events and mail-out campaigns. Previously the setup costs of offset printing limited envelope printing to larger runs to be cost effective, now digital print technology makes small envelope print runs viable.

Quality Short Run Books Now Achievable
High-quality, low-quantity books are now achievable through digital printing. Whether they are stapled or perfect bound, small runs of publications can now be produced in a cost-effective way, in a fraction of the time, to the exact quantity you need.

Check out some of the following digital print products we can offer you; business cards, banners, brochures, calendars, flyers, posters, presentation folders, rackcards and stickers to name a few.
If you have any questions about which printing process would best suit your project email us at or drop us a line at 0800 533 677.

top tips for making PDFs


One of the most important assets you can have as a designer doing print work is an understanding of how to correctly set your PDF file up for printing. With the help of this checklist below, you can save yourself or your company money and ensure your jobs come out as you had wished.

  • All fonts converted to outlines/paths
  • Image resolution a minimum of 300dpi
  • Any RGB images converted to CMYK
  • Black text is made of 100% black only
  • Document has a minimum of 1.5mm bleed on each edge (preferably 3mm)
  • No cropmarks needed. Document size is page size plus bleed on each edge
  • All important elements at least 3mm in from the edge of the page, to allow for possible movement while trimming
  • PDF pages in correct order (Page 1 is ALWAYS front, Page 2 is ALWAYS back)
  • Jobs with additional finish ie. foiling, embossing, diecut etc. MUST be on separate pages after the back page. For example pg1-FRONT; pg2-BACK; pg3-FOIL; pg4 DIECUT. These each must be in a separate spot colour (we recommend making it from 100% magenta or 100% yellow) to stand out.

For an extended version of these guidelines visit the ‘File Preparation’ tab in the navigation bar above. Also freephone 0800 533 677 to talk to one of our team, we’re more than happy to help.

Brochure printing from NZ's Leading Online Print Store

Printing A4 Brochures Online in NZ & Getting the Best Deal…

Brochure Printing in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – NZ and how to find the best deal. Finding the best offer on printing brochures from online brochure print companies in AKL, WGTN, CHCH & New Zealand can be very time-consuming. You want to know that you’re getting the best value for money – with a great finish and feel without breaking the bank. You also want to know that your brochure design suits the stock you have your brochure printed on and with a lot of companies printing brochures in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington as well as throughout NZ, sometimes the best deal is not right on your doorstep. We also see many companies try to sell people thousands of printed brochures (that they will probably never get through) when you may only need a few hundred brochures to promote to you customer base. And then there’s the question of which size is best? A3, A4, A5, A4 folded to DLE, A4 folded to A5, or maybe a simple DL flyer or rackcard may be more economical?

At | NZ’s leading online print store we make sure that there are brochure options that will suit almost every business (and their wallet).

First and foremost we have free brochure templates available for you (or your brochure designer) to download from our site and then drop your artwork on to. These are found at;

Using our templates will help ensure that your design fits the print area and allows you to see where the brochure will get folded (if you’re getting folds).

Here’s some tips to follow when choosing what look , feel and pricetag you are wanting when printing promotional brochures or corporate brochures for your business. These tips are primarily for A4 printed brochures folded to DL.

1. If you’re wanting a brochure that has a reasonable weight and durability, then anything around 150gsm is usually best. Art stocks that are under 135gsm will normally have show-through issues. This is when the image from the other side “shows through and makes it harder to read text or see images as clearly. This is especially noticeable when you are outside or in extremely well lit areas.

2. Cost of your brochures will be dependant on the weight of the stock used. That is why many of the pizza circulars you see come thru the letter box are extremely light weight – to keep the cost down – and they’re designed as a throw-away item. At TPH we have a range of brochures that are printed on 130 – 170gsm stock at extremely good rates. This means you get a quality printed brochure for less.

3. If you’re wanting to have you brochures folded down to a smaller size – then it’s best to not go over 150gsm in weight. Any stocks over 150gsm will normally require creasing before folding which can incur additional setup charges or even an additional process for some printers. Be aware that some 150gsm stocks can be thicker than others (eg. straight offset stocks are thicker than art stock) and may crack along the fold edge. This becomes very obvious where there is solid colour along the edge of the fold.

4. If cost is a factor for you, then consider simplifying your brochure down to fit on 2 sides of a DL (one third of an A4). That way you can get 3 times the number of flyers or brochures that you would if it was all on one A4.

5. If you’re planning on having your brochure stand up in racks or brochure holders, remember that gravity will be at work, and if your stock is too thin – it’s likely that your brochure will begin to bend / curl. A4 brochures folded to DL are usually fine when printed on 130gsm+ stock. If you’re only printing a single DL brochure/flyer (usually called a rackcard), we suggest you make sure the stock weight is around 300gsm.

6. Some brochures or single sided rackcards look great when they are laminated – however, if they are placed in the sun – you may find they begin to curl over, even when printed on heavier stock.

7. At TPH our brochure printing happens in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland (and even offshore) depending on the needs of the client, the quantities or processes requested, and the timeframe.

For some of the best rates on Brochure Printing online in NZ make sure you visit;

You can also check out how brochures are actually produced by watching a quick video on how a brochure gets ordered, printed, folded and packed.

- more to follow…


Great talent at this years 2014 Behance Portfolio Review.

Earlier this month, design students and professionals attended the 2014 Behance Portfolio Review. For those of you not moving in the design industry circle, The Behance Portfolio Review Week has been created (as stated on their website) : ‘to bring our thriving online community into offline spaces, where creatives can sit side by side, sharing their work and developing their craft. These events provide invaluable exposure for creatives, as well as the chance to learn new tricks of the trade from their peers and our experienced guest speakers.’

This years local Portfolio Review was to present and get feedback on designers work (whether training or in the workforce), hear from industry guest speakers, and socialise with members of the local creative community.

TPH Print Managing Director, Dave Bascand, was one of six industry representatives invited to attend and review the works of 14 upcoming design professionals, including students from Yoobee School of Design.

The lineup of work ranged from online multimedia thru to printed collateral and portfolio pieces, and a big thing was made of the evening, with the presentation of medals.

“Some of the students were already designing at a very high standard that would earn them solid employment.”, comments Dave. ”Print was very predominant in the design aspects. The main areas for improvement were in typography – too small a font size (especially in annual reports), tight margins with a lack of space and overuse of white text on black that – for bulk text, this made it very hard to read.”

Dave noticed a theme with some of the work. “A lot of geometric designs and shapes, such as making objects or animals out of triangles”.

“It was great to see one designer using simple freehand drawn sketches and then scanning and colourising them.”

According to Dave Bascand, overall, we can expect to see a high standard of design talent entering (or continuing) the NZ Design Industry, which will help us continue to see great Design and Print NZ work.

Cards from under 100 dollars

Printing Great Looking Business Cards for Under $100…

Printing great looking business cards for under $100 is something we know a thing or two about. Printing exceptional looking business cards for over $100 (but without costing the earth) is something that we also do a lot of.

It’s well known that The Production House offers the thickest, chunkiest business cards on the market from under $100, (and you can find them right here ) but we also offer one of largest range of extras and finishes that take a card from good to exceptional… and it’s the exceptional cards that make the statement… and are held on to.

Exceptional cards can be achieved from only $65 extra …

By utilising one of the following optional extras or finishes your card can be greatly enhanced…

• Rounded Corners
• Die-cut outer shape
• Die-cut inner shape
• Folds or perforations
• Foil – with a range of colours to choose from
• Emboss or deboss
• Hole drill
• Spot UV
• Gloss or Matt laminate
• Specialty board stocks

Printing business cards that will sell your business and your brand is important. We’ve seen business cards printed by other companies in the main centers of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin as well as Gisbourne, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Hamilton and further afield, and we have yet to see a card that competes on quality and value for money, as The Production House business cards do.  Thick, strong, chunky card and full colour print, from hi-spec offset machines gives our customers the winning edge.

Westport Palm Court Motel is one such business that orders quality business cards, and they have ever since 2003 when they placed their first order with us. Printed full colour front with a hi-gloss laminate and then black and white print on the back for extra contact information gives them a result that they are very pleased with (the product can be viewed here – ). Printing business cards for Westport companies is what we do easily.



Streets Ahead is another company (based in Nelson) that we print business cards for, which Karen has ordered with us since 1997. Karen also goes for the hi-gloss laminated look on the front and a b/w reverse so that they can write upcoming appointments on the back. The Production House is great at printing business cards and appointment cards for Hair Salons in Nelson and around New Zealand.

webpic 3

Yolande uses these cards with her Selwyn based Veterinary Clinic out in Rolleston. Her company started to look at using services back in May 2013, when they requested a FREE Sample pack from us (like this one – ). Printed in full colour on both sides, Yolande is able to write appointment details on the back ( ) . Printing business cards in full colour on both sides is also extremely cost effective.

webpic 5

Now here’s a warning – don’t be fooled by digitally printed business cards – yes, they will do the job (we even offer them), but unless you’re needing your cards the next day, we recommend waiting the extra 1-2 days and getting a better result that you’ll be proud to hand out, at a better price.

For a free sample pack (or even if you just want to talk to us about ideas) simply contact us. The attached images show just some of the extra finishes that we can do.





Which ever way you say it - PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS or BUSINESS CARD PRINTING is what we do!

printing in christchurch

High Quality, Great Value Printing for Christchurch Businesses

NZ’s Leading Online Print Store has been at the forefront of high quality, cost effective print since 1994. Initially called Fruit Salad Design, this print company built it’s name on selling Premium Business Cards for a fraction of the price offered by it’s competitors, thanks to special group printing processes.

With the introduction of the web and online services, it wasn’t long before printing online was available and clients could order print at the click of a button. Patch Print Christchurch was then launched in 2003 and an expanded range of print products were made available. To meet trade demand The Production House was created and additional print power was added in Auckland, Gisborne and Christchurch. Printing now included pens, posters, mousemats, docket books, flyers, magnets, notepads, postcards, presentation folders and even mugs. Christchurch was the central hub for printing business cards, postcards, rackcards and letterheads for Christchurch businesses as well as other companies around New Zealand.

With the Christchurch 2011 earthquake many printers were immediately out of action. Fortunately, online systems allowed for jobs to be printed at our other regional locations with no disruption to production at all.

Today, TPH Print Ltd. is based at 336 Durham Street, pending new production facilities being built out in Wigram. We still offer the largest range of business cards in Chch, and market those throughout NZ. We have the thickest, chunkiest full colour business card for under $100 and we offer a 3 way guarantee on all our products.  They have also added t-shirts, caps, drink bottles and a wide range of other promotional products and branded gifts that can be supplied with your company logo printed on them.

Recent print projects have included Calendars for the Child Cancer Society; labels, flyers, with comp slips, letterheads and business cards as part of updated print collateral for; more cards for Home of Poi – an online store for jugglers and arts performers worldwide.

Check out some of the best printing Christchurch has to offer you and other local/national businesses at

Printing for Auckland Businesses

Printing for Auckland businesses has never been better…

So where do many of the Auckland small to medium sized businesses go to get their business cards, flyers, brochures or promotional printed material? Although copy shops can cater for some of the short-run or same day rush jobs, no-one can beat the quality or thickness of TPH business cards, flyers and brochures.  We have a wide range of customers that order all their print from us online while others deal with our network of graphic designers and print brokers that are spread all over Auckland, from the top in Albany through to Takapuna, Henderson, Auckland Central thru to Kohimarama and down as far as Manurewa and Papakura.


Schnips PHD is one such Auckland based company. With hairsalons positioned through out the Auckland market, Schnips ensure they maintain a world class professional image right from investing in stylist training and store image through to their winning hair designs which they advertise each season on the front of their business cards. They order our matt laminated business cards which showcase the design extremely well. By branding business cards, vouchers, appointment cards and referral cards, Schnips sends a clear message that they are serious about their brand.

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 5.04.47 PM Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 5.05.37 PM

NZ Rock Shop and Jims Test and Tag are other examples of companies with multiple branches based in Auckland and throughout NZ that make sure their printed brochures, flyers and business cards distributed in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand is communicating their brand effectively.


Midtown Physiotherapy are a great business in the heart of downtown Auckland that have just recently upgraded their business cards with our uncoated range and letterheads with


The Product House offers these businesses in Auckland (and many more) some of the best rates on printing in New Zealand.

NZ’s thickest, chunkiest high quality 420gsm business cards start from only $99 + gst for x500


Professional Full Colour Letterheads retail from only $240 + gst for 500 and $264 + gst for 1000


High impact brochures and flyers are from only $199 + gst for x250 in a range of sizes and finishes


…and many, many more product options available on