Gift Vouchers, Loyalty/Discount Vouchers, Thank You Vouchers…

Getting your customers (new and existing) to come back to your  business AND to refer your products or services to their friends and family is what this article is all about. Today, we at TPH Print tell you how to make this happen and to help build loyalty and love for whatever you are selling.

So how would you do this. Well, as the title says – Gift Vouchers, Loyalty/Discount Vouchers and Thank You Vouchers are 3 of the ways we recommend. What’s more, the method of implementation for getting people to come back or to tell others is relatively simple.

Let’s start with the following scenario…

You own a clothing store. A client has just walked into your store and selected a couple of items, tried them on, then paid for them and walked out. Who were they and what incentives did you include to get them to return, or recommend your shop to someone else?

Here’s just a few ideas…

1. Include a printed Loyalty or Discount Voucher in with the items they just purchased. Even something that offers an additional $10 off their next purchase, within the next 2 months. This will incentivise them to either return or pass the offer on to a friend, who may have never walked in to your store before.

2. Advertise that you sell printed Gift Vouchers. That way your customer knows that if they get stuck for a present for someone that you have vouchers they can purchase. I went into a shop and asked to purchase a printed gift voucher for a friend. They didn’t have any. They said they were “just a small shop”, but they were in a busy area! I walked out and went elsewhere, and they never got my business or my friends.

3. Operate a database. Collect your customers name, address and email. That way you can email or post out any offers. Better still, I recommend that you send your client a Thank you letter and include a printed Thank you Voucher that gives them, say, 10% OFF their next purchase or a a printed voucher for a free pair of socks (depending on how much they spent with you). That way they come back into the store.

And because printing Gift Vouchers and Discount Vouchers is what we do (here’s a popular product of ours -¬†, TPH Print can also help you with any terms or wording that you need on the vouchers.

Need more ideas? Check out our other blogs or call us on 0800 533 677. The Production House – NZ’s Leading Online Print Store.

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