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8 ways to spark creativity this winter

Don’t let your creativity go cold this winter, we’ve put together some ideas to spark them into gear!

1. Learn Something New
Have you always wanted to learn the guitar, enrol in a cooking class or take up yoga? Besides having more indoor time than in other seasons of the year, learning new things stimulates the winter brain and an active brain is a creative brain.

2. Get Cultured
Stimulates those creative thoughts by enjoying the work of other creative people. Winter is a great time to watch a production, visit a museum or take in an art exhibition. Even go to a concert, except stretch yourself a little and see someone new or a genre you don’t always listen to.

3. Get Active
There really is something to the old adage, sound body, sound mind. Exercise releases endorphins that instantly make you feel better and can stimulate your mind. So rug up and hit the pavement for a run or walk, or even try your local indoor pool on those cold days. Clearing your head could make way for those creative ideas.

4. Get Your Social On
And no that doesn’t mean Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. We’re talking actual social activity. You know – with real human beings? You don’t need to hit every Saturday night party or spend weeknights at the pub. A coffee or two a week with a good friend or a work colleague should be enough to keep your brain open to new ideas and get that creativity flowing.

5. Tidy Up
Why wait until Spring for that workspace cleanup? Mess is stress and may be cluttering those creative thoughts. So take 5, or 25, and clean up your workspace, it may make all the difference.

6. Get Outside
We know it’s freezing outside, but perhaps your best ideas might happen when you’re walking around in the fresh air. It’s said when things are moving around us, our brain responds with ideas and creativity. Whether that’s true or not, when you’re stuck for creativity, get outdoors and get amongst it all.

7. Read More
Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book and a cuppa and spend some time being transported to a creative place. Whether it’s fiction that does the trick or taking some inspiration from a design related book, a good read can’t be beat!

8. Accept The Down Time
In whatever creative field you work in, there has to be some downtime. Creative blocks are guaranteed if you don’t give yourself some time to breathe. So if all else fails, accept the time off, you can’t force creativity. You never know, you may get that lightbulb moment when you least expect it!

Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

The secret to simple and elegant business cards


Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

Foil your business cards to achieve that extra print with punch!

One of the most important roles of a business card is to catch your customers attention and ensure that they hang on to your card. A key way to engage that emotional attachment to your card is through a mixture of good design and using speciality print effects such as foiling, which we are going to briefly touch on.

Foiling is extremely effective on logos or accents surrounding logos, borders and elegant/decorative graphics on your business card. We recently produced these wonderful cards for Cloud Nine Creative which show just how effective foiling as well as custom diecutting can be.

To produce their business cards, firstly the colours is printed on the paper. Then using the foil die shown below, silver foil is placed between the printed job and the foil die and heated. The heat releases the colouring layer from the foil and binds it to the card. The cards are then diecut using their custom dieline shown top right above.

The final result is a simple and elegant business card. To find out how we can help you achieve a business card that is both memorable and ensures that your customers will keep, just simply get in touch with one of our knowledgeable print experts here at The Production House. You can also check out our range of speciality business cards.