Printing Great Looking Business Cards for Under $100…

Printing exceptional looking business cards for over $100 (but without costing the earth) is something that we also do a lot of.

It’s well known that The Production House offers the thickest, chunkiest business cards on the market from under $100, (and you can find them right here ) but we also offer one of largest range of extras and finishes that take a card from good to exceptional… and it’s the exceptional cards that make the statement… and are held on to.

By utilising one of the following optional extras or finishes your card can be greatly enhanced…

• Rounded Corners
• Die-cut outer shape
• Die-cut inner shape
• Folds or perforations
• Foil – with a range of colours to choose from
• Emboss or deboss
• Hole drill
• Spot UV
• Gloss or Matt laminate
• Specialty board stocks

Diecut foiled business cards

Printing business cards that will sell your business and your brand is important. We’ve seen business cards printed by other companies in the main centers of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin as well as Gisbourne, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Hamilton and further afield, and we have yet to see a card that competes on quality and value for money, as The Production House business cards do.  Thick, strong, chunky card and full colour print, from hi-spec offset machines gives our customers the winning edge.

Palm Court Business cards

Westport Palm Court Motel is one such business that orders quality business cards, and they have ever since 2003 when they placed their first order with us. Printed full colour front with a hi-gloss laminate and then black and white print on the back for extra contact information gives them a result that they are very pleased with (the product can be viewed here – ). Printing business cards for Westport companies is what we do easily.

Streets Ahead Business card

Streets Ahead is another company (based in Nelson) that we print business cards for, which Karen has ordered with us since 1997. Karen also goes for the hi-gloss laminated look on the front and a b/w reverse so that they can write upcoming appointments on the back. The Production House is great at printing business cards and appointment cards for Hair Salons in Nelson and around New Zealand.

Selwyn Vet Clinic Business card

Yolande uses these cards with her Selwyn based Veterinary Clinic out in Rolleston. Her company started to look at using services back in May 2013, when they requested a FREE Sample pack from us (like this one – ). Printed in full colour on both sides, Yolande is able to write appointment details on the back ( ) . Printing business cards in full colour on both sides is also extremely cost effective.


Now here’s a warning – don’t be fooled by digitally printed business cards – yes, they will do the job (we even offer them), but unless you’re needing your cards the next day, we recommend waiting the extra 1-2 days and getting a better result that you’ll be proud to hand out, at a better price.

For a free sample pack (or even if you just want to talk to us about ideas) simply contact us. The attached images show just some of the extra finishes that we can do.

Business card emboss

Business card die cut

Business card spot UV

Which ever way you say it - PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS or BUSINESS CARD PRINTING is what we do!