Metallic Toner

Don’t miss your golden opportunity to impress. Our innovative Iridesse digital print technology can wow your customers with clear, white and metallic inks, it’s your cost effective, time friendly CLEAR winner!


We have always been able to print metallic pantone colours on offset presses with beautiful results, but now that we can do it digitally our options are endless. We can print short run for weddings, stationery and promotional items such as labels, coasters and accents of metallic on brochures and corporate collateral.

Offering outstanding image quality, our gorgeous six colour digital press includes silver, gold, white and gloss varnish with fine resolution for clear printing of small text and thin lines. Print on 400gsm boards with an even faster print speed.

Click the download below for a simple instruction sheet on how to set up your files as well as a Adobe InDesign and Illustrator plug-in with a great selection of gold and silver mixes. 


DOWNLOAD   this designers guide to setting up print files for spot colour toners.


DOWNLOAD   Indesign and Illustrator Plug-in for Metallic Toner.